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Jazz Pasay – Artist & Fashion Designer

Jazz Pasay

Jazz Pasay is well known as a fashion designer who has unique fashion style.  His exceptional talent in combining high fashion aesthetic with theatrical costumes generates playful, fresh yet elegant & sexy designs.  Without having formal fashion design education background, Pasay’s career began in 1994 when he joined Indonesian Fashion Designer Association (APPMI).  It’s an association that gather all fashion designers and people who do business in Indonesia fashion industry.  Instead of making only high fashion, Jazz combines all his favorite things in his life, such as movies, plays, comic books, dancers and paintings, into his design.  As a result, all the styles are funny, intrigue, elegant, sexy, light, but yet elegant and sophisticated.

In 2004, he created SAMAR costumes & beyond, his second line; a costume rental business who provide costumes to be rented.  This company, now is a major success in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta.  All national television stations, companies, production houses, and private sectors use SAMAR as a part of their businesses.  Not only costumes, but SAMAR also provide property, wig, and make up.  It becomes like a one stop shopping for the people who need wardrobe.

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