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The Unseen – Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace

The Unseen – Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace


MEI 19 – JUNE 10
*  Group exhibition : MAPS, REIMAGINED
Kurator : Mitha Budhyarto

About the exhibition :
This exhibition showcases works by emerging artists, in response to a central theme: how does our imagination play a part in the way we position ourselves within the map of everyday life? The artists began by exploring the idea of negotiation, especially in terms of their various positions within the tense but inter-related worlds of art and industry, personal and shared. This led them to unpack issues such as ethnic background, urban density, marriage and family life, the role of everyday sounds, and the politics of the creative industry. A common belief shared by those involved is how the ‘process’ of creating this exhibition is just as important as the final works displayed here.
JUNI 13 – 27
Pameran fotografi : THE UNSEEN

About the exhibition :
‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscape but in having new eyes’.
by Marcel Proust.

A photo exhibition of three young photographers, showcasing breath-taking and intriguing images throughout their travelling time in Indonesia, Asia, & Europe.
JULI 7, 8 and 14, 15
•    Design Festival by UPH (Pelita Harapan University)

A weekend festival showcasing variety of designed products by students of UPH.
A weekend full of events, art talk, & music.
AGUSTUS 1 – 16

Andra Matin is a well known Indonesian architect, who has done may prestigious
project in Indonesia and abroad. In this exhibtion Andra Matin is preparing a conceptual architectural works, to mark his achievements and excellent reputation in the architecture industry.  Dia.lo.gue artspace itself is one of his earlier projects soon after he became an independent architect.
OKTOBER 10 – 31
*  Artist : SIR DANDY a.k.a ACONG

This multitalented artist (also a musician & designer) interprets a children’s classic tale into a relevant and contemporary kind of story, in the form of 2 and 3 dimensional works : painting, object, and installation.
* Group exhibition  : PERSONAL PROJECT
Kurator : Mia Maria

A group show of 5 emerging & establish artists who are challenged to do
a personal project. Most of them are well known for specific type of artworks, however in this exhibition they are encouraged to create something not what they used to produce but freely to come up with other creative ideas and art.

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