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Jakarta New Year Concert 2014

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Start the New Year with high spirits! Feel Indonesia, Love Indonesia, Be Indonesia!

As all capital cities in the world celebrate their New Year Concerts with music & musicians of their respective countries, we have done it for the 8th time. This time it’s our Nusantara Symphony Orchestra, featuring the best young musicians of Indonesia : Isyana Sarasvati (soprano), Nikodemus Lukas Hariono (tenor), Randy Ryan (pianist) and Giovani Biga (violinist) as soloists. They are all under 20 years old, and have won prestigious national and international competitions.

Pianist / composer Ananda Sukarlan will act as the composer, making virtuosic music based on poems by Chairil Anwar, Ilham Malayu, as well as a Fantasy for violin & orchestra based on Ismail Marzuki’s song “Wanita”. And don’t miss the highly virtuosic piano concerto “Fons Juventatis” (Fountain of Youth) by Ananda Sukarlan, performed by the 18-year old Randy Ryan who is now pursuing his musical studies at the prestigious Juilliard School of Music. The chamber choir SVADITRA under the leadership of Indra Listiyanto will also perform together with the orchestra. The Indonesian identity of this event will be felt deeper with the presence of the sasando player Djitron Pah .

For more info please contact The Ananda Sukarlan Center at 0818 891038 or ycep@yahoo.com , and tweet @anandasukarlan

The Jakarta New Year Concert is organized by Yayasan Musik Sastra Indonesia every first Sunday of the year.

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