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TF 2012 – Taipei International Travel Fair 2012

Taipei International Travel Fair 2012
About the trade fair in China:
The Taipei International Travel Fair is the longest standing international-scale travel fair to be seen in Taiwan. The event organizer, the Taiwan Visitors Association (TVA), was founded in 1956 and is the oldest non-profit tourism organization in Taiwan.
Every year, ITF continues to play its crucial role as the ideal event for global tourism organizations to come together and share the latest industry news, trends and innovative products.
The 2010 Taipei International Travel Fair attracted 60 countries, 530 organizations, and 1,200 exhibition booths. The 4-day event attracted 214,467 visitors and more than 1,500 global media reports, further demonstrating its significance within this industry. All exhibitors were also welcome to attend and participate in the welcome reception, travel mart, industry forums, product presentations, travel seminars, Central Stage performances, online ITG and much more. With a diverse and colorful array of events throughout the 4-day fair, ITF has successfully propelled Taiwan onto the world stage as a viable tourist and exhibition destination.
The Taipei International Travel Fair has the richest history, the most experienced organizers, the finest exhibitors, the most direct communication channels, the liveliest visitors, and the widest media coverage that guarantees excellent results. Not only is ITF Taiwan’s biggest international travel fair, it is also the most successful in Asia.


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