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2nd Anthem

Celebrate the Pop Anthems – is 2nd Anthem’s motto. Formed in 2009, 2nd Anthem is comprised of seasoned traveling café musicians and vocalists. They gathered their experiences together in handpicking songs to create a wide repertoire that appeals to the Asian region. Secondly, It is their desire to bring back the radio anthems and hits that have been missed by ...

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Sister Duke

Shot by Sachiko Asada It’s a common misconception that Sister Duke is a group or at least a duo, when it’s actually only associated to one name, Nengah Krisnarini. Founded in 2005, Sister Duke was initially a duo that she formed with her friend whom she met during her university years in Sydney, Australia. But after a year of musical ...

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Nengah & Nanda

Shot by Sachiko Asada Nengah & Nanda are a duo comprising vocalist Nengah Krisnarini and guitarist Achmad Ananda. The two met in 2006 and collaborated in several occasions. Nanda also lent a hand when Nengah produced her project’s (Sister Duke) debut album, Highlight of the Day. It was until September 2010 that they decided to form the duo, blending Nanda’s ...

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Dekgeh Geviora - Choreographer of Voices Dance Festival

Dekgeh Geviora – Choreographer

Dekgeh Geviora Choreographer The Voice Dance Group A true gifted and talented dancer and choreographer Lives in Island of Bali  

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Dedi Pudja Indra - Choreographer, Owner of Batavia Dance Studio

Dedi Pudja Indra – Choreographer

Owner and choreogpraher for Batavia Dance Company Nama                      : Deddy Puja Indra Tempat/Tgl Lahir   : Tanjung Pinang, 30 April 1964 Alamat                    : Mampang Prapatan XI Komplek Sandi Nagara No. D4 jaksel 12750 Telepon                  : Office : 021-79180757/7982357 – Costume : 7941102 Menari sejak tahun 1982 sampai sekarang, pernah menari bersama choreographer dari dalam dan luar negeri. Dari dalam negeri seperti ...

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Batavia Dance Studio

Batavia Dance Studio

Batavia Dance Studio is an entertainment dance company in Jakarta. Batavia Dancer is dance company that will mezmerize you with their costume and movement. Perfect dance vendor for your corporate and entertainment event.

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Russel Brown – Music Director

Rusty as he called is a Music Director, DJ and VJ for music and entertainmnet events. With his taste Rusty is definitely a must have team in your event.  

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Tom Ibnur – Choreographer

Tom Ibnur, adalah Pengajar Utama di Fakultas Seni Pertunjukan, Institut Kesenian Jakarta, di Jakarta. Nama lahirnya Arison Ibnur yang bermakna “Anak Matahari” sedangkan Tom Ibnur, untuk nama populernya sebagai koreografer papan atas Indonesia, yang telah menciptakan lebih dari 300 karya tari dan dipentaskan di Indonesia dan di berbagai  negara di dunia. Mendapat gelar B.Sc.(Kimia Analisis) di Akademi Teknologi Industri, Padang, ...

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M. Gentille Andi Lolo - Profile

M. Gentille Andi Lolo – Choreographer

M. Gentille Andi Lolo Makale, August 10 1984 Telephone  : +62 8588 502 5235 Mobile        : +62 817 686256 Email         :   Formal Education: Fajar Tourism Academy, Tourism Management, 2002-2005 Focus: Hotel Management, food & beverage Makassar SMUN 03, 1999-2002 Focus: Language and History Literature   Training, Course & Seminars : Summer Program, Art & Culture Course for ...

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