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Everybody’s favourite Zouk flea market is back!

The Night Market

Zouk & Wine Bar

Sunday 3 March, 4 PM-9 PM


To bring the spirit of much loved night markets to Singapore, Flea & Easy kicks off our very own night market edition.

Kick starting at 4pm on a Sunday evening, this edition specially invites our most popular local Instagram users to sell their pre-loved wares or knick knacks.

1. Follow Zouk Singapore on Instagram
2. When we post up the Zouk Flea & Easy creative, like the picture and comment with your email address for us to contact you.
3. Repost it on your own Instragram page with #ZoukFleaAndEasy and tag @ZoukSingapore.
4. We will be in touch if you get a store.

Source: http://www.eventfinda.sg/

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