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World Theatre Festival

No need to buy a round-the-world ticket.

The best of the world’s theatre will be coming to you in Brisbane on 13th – 24 February 2013 from Malaysia, Iran, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and Belgium.

Embracing the new, the risky and the independent from around the world, World Theatre Festival is set to seriously shake up the face of theatre in Australia.


About World Theatre Festival

My conception of the audience is of a public each member of which is carrying about with him what he thinks is an anxiety, or a hope, or a preoccupation which is his alone and isolates him from mankind; and in this respect at least the function of a play is to reveal him to himself so that he may touch others by virtue of the revelation of his mutuality with them. If only for this reason I regard the theater as a serious business, one that makes or should make man more human, which is to say, less alone.” – ARTHUR MILLER

Gathering to witness a performance may be the oldest of human rituals after sharing a meal.

Whether sitting in the sands of the Great Victoria Desert watching song cycles, watching wayang in an Indonesian village, or a musical in the West End, we are participating in the same ancient and very human ritual. In classical Greek and Roman societies, theatre was performed only in festivals. Brisbane Powerhouse gathers the best in contemporary theatre from Australia and around the world to create a true festival, a community gathering where our thoughts and emotions are shared. World Theatre Festival is about seeing a show, but it is also about sharing the experience with the performers and fellow audience members.

We are very excited about the program; it is strong, diverse and at times surprising. We encourage you to come along and come often; come with partners, friends or alone and be a part of World Theatre Festival.

Andrew Ross, Director

Sarah Neal, Head of Programming

Zohar Spatz, Producer


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