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Rumah Turi is your home away from home, a place where hospitality, nature, culture and the arts fuse. Here in the heart of Java, rumah Turi offers you modern amenities in a quiet, friendly and green environment. Bright, clean rooms. Healthy food. An opportunity to make new friends and discover the soul of Solo. This is much more than just a place to stay.

Our vision is to nurture a home that provides a comfortable escape for people from around the world a home where acquaintances meet, where guests are always welcomed as good friends and which is built on the principles of eco & sustainable consciousness, and cultural & heritage awareness.

What makes rumah Turi special?

CONNECTIONS. rumah Turi is more than a hotel. The site was designed as a place for people to connect with nature, community, the arts, culture, and one another. Here at rumah Turi, you will make new friends and create wonderful memories; with other people staying here and with the local community. Each and every visitor will take back something unique and special. rumah Turi encourages you to connect, to let ideas fly, and to listen to others as new seeds of friendships constantly bloom.

ENVIRONMENT. rumah Turi represents a new way of building “homes” that are truly nature-friendly, and that integrate with the surroundings. Our sustainable architecture concept gives you a role to play in conserving natural resources and the environment.

Architecture & interior

rumah Turi is originally a traditional family home located in Turisari kampong, in Solo. Just like other village houses, the house includes:

  • A main building called joglo (semi public area) and latar (a yard for playing and interacting with others)
  • A garden (kebon) for outdoor activities and for productive plants, such as vegetables and fruits, herbs and spices (empon-empon), as well as flowers
  • An open bathing area (senthong) and paringgitan. These two spaces do not exist in the building anymore
  • A master bedroom (dalem) and children’s bedroom (gandhok)

At rumah Turi, the joglo, latar and kebon have been re-designed to become a compact unit without affecting the essential function of these spaces. In designing rumah Turi, we made some slight adjustments to the original layout of the house:

  • The joglo is represented by the front space of the parking area and the garden, while the kedai turi (restaurant) functions as a public dining room and living room, library and internet centre. At the back is a space that includes a multi-function stage used for cultural and dancing activities
  • In the kebon, we have created a vertical garden for vegetables and herbal medicine plants
  • The dalem are represented by the guest rooms

Building materials

Almost all timber used in the construction of rumah Turi is recycled. Most of it originates from the remains of the Hotel Sheraton Yogyakarta after it was destroyed by the devastating earthquake of 2006.


Efficiency measures

WATER. Gray water and rainwater is filtered successively in a special tank, in the garden and then again through a mechanical process so that it can be used again to water the garden, artificial rain and for flushing toilets. When the surge tanks are full, surplus water is directed to the neighborhood sewers.

HEATING. We use solar panels to heat water (saving electricity) on the rooftop, which then gravitates naturally to the rooms (no pump needed!).

ENERGY. Almost all lamps are LEDs (Light Emitting Diode), which only use 20-30 % of electricity compared to halogen and standard light bulbs.

COOLING. We have designed rumah Turi in such a way that the interior is ventilated by natural air flow, reducing the heat that is typical of this part of the world. Cross ventilation below the roof and in each room keeps these spaces cool during the day. Meanwhile, the roof garden and artificial rain also helps to cool the temperature.

LOCAL GROWTH. The landscape at rumah Turi consists of “hanging” gardens with vegetables (used for cooking), medicinal plants and fruits and flowers. The vertical garden also helps to filter the air and to beautify the space.

CULTURE. rumah Turi is an opportunity to immerse yourself in Javanese culture and arts through a comprehensive range of activities, ranging from cooking to discovering the local crafts scene.

  • Restaurant with open terrace (the restaurant has an open deck area)
  • 18 spacious rooms
  • Open space for performances
  • Meditation corner
  • SPA Treatment

Sereh rooms (8 rooms)

  • 21 m² with compact wardrobe and bathroom, incl. standing shower
  • Twin-bed and single-bed type room with mini bar
  • Bedroom and workspace that are intimately modern and chic in design

Wuni rooms (8 rooms)

  • 21 m² with indoor garden, standing shower and natural amenities
  • Double-bed type room with mini bar
  • Bedroom and workspace that are intimately modern and chic in design

Kemuning rooms (2 rooms)

  • 26 m² with a more distinctive design emphasizing luxury and comfort with a richer furniture selection and scheme
  • Double-bed type room with mini bar
  • Includes seating corner / day bed that can used for seating or as an extra bed

All rooms include:

  • Shower (incl. hot water)
  • Air Conditioning with individual control
  • Flat Screen TV
  • Internet Access
  • Fridge and mini bar
  • Telephone
  • Water Boiler

Rumah Turi is located in the centre of Solo, five minutes from the Balapan Railway Station, and 20 minutes from Adi Sumarmo airport. Despite its central location, rumah Turi is a haven of peace and quiet.


Jl. Srigading II no. 12 Turisari Solo 57139
Central Java IndonesiaPhone+62 271 736606Fax+62 271 712928E-Mailrumahturi@yahoo.comHomepage




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