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Toscana : Italian Restaurant

Attracted by the rich culture and excellent food of Toscana, Italian fifth largest region, Mrs. Ellyta Soetantyo opened a fine Italian restaurant in Kemang, South of Jakarta on 27th of July 1996 called Toscana.

With the atmosphere of gourmet revolved around eclectic food served in traditional style, Mrs. Ellyta bravely presented something different, Astraight foward but elegant restaurant that served stage of the art Italian food usually confined to five star hotel.






Even though located a bit from other restaurant in Kemang at that time, Toscana was recognized by expatriates living in surrounding areas. Finding the food suited their taste, they became regulars and in away, created a solid base of customers for Toscana.

Determined to follow its success, the management decided to open other restaurant in Jl. Kayu Aya – Seminyak Bali, an area of many exclusive hotels and fine restaurants. There are Ultimo Italian Restaurant – Where Everything’s Excellent and Rumours Restaurant – Everything you hear is true

Toscana Italian Restaurant

Jalan Kemang Raya 120

Phone  +62 21 7181216,  +62 21 7181217

source : http://toscanajakarta.com/

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