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sMart dia.lo.gue Artspace


Dia.lo.gue Artspace

In this exhibition I would like to challenge the artists to re-think their usual manner of medium and the handling of material. Artists nowadays are demanded to develop and stick to a certain style in presenting their ideas. Automatism and self-plagiarism easily come with what we call as ‘style’, leaving some artists burned out and ask themselves, “What’s Next?”

I tell you what, if you don’t ask yourself first, we are soon will be asking “What’s Next?” about your artworks :D.

Personal Project meant for the artist to seek for another channel, another thought, another medium to explore. Letting go of demand and expectation of ‘style’ and ‘trend’ that has made you famous… and rich.


Personal projects shall explore subjects that are very personal, private if may be, subjects that will be the artist’s personal goal and experiments.

–          something that bothers your mind at night.

–          Something that you keep thinking about

–          Something that you get excited, or even scared about.

Remember the work/life balance? If making art has become a ‘job’ for you, this personal project is supposed to be your balance, a refreshed way of being creative.

Be it a spectacular installation or a painting that you’ve never done, a food recipe you’ve built yourself, a song you’ve written, a house you want to build, a girl you want to marry.


Your very own personal project.


Medium : free

Size : indoor or outdoor




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