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Skylite Musicals

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Created first in 2009, Skylite Musicals is now working on their 5th annual show. Unlike any other other musical drama, all of the cast, crew, and creators are students of SMA Labschool Kebayoran. Creating this majestic work of art is not an easy matter as they have to create their own script, music & lyrics, choreography and design while maintaining their academics. However, they still manage to pull off an amazing show every year. And this years show (2013) is predicted to be the best show they have ever created, as they are determined to work harder in a more mature system aiming for much higher standards. There is no doubt that Skylite Musicals will be the first high school play in Indonesia that can compete with professionals. They believe that art has no limits.

The stories that they tell each year reminds us a lot about our childhood dreams which we may have forgotten as we grow older and get caught up in reality. Previous themes are Magic Town (2009), Arabian Night (2010), Halloween (2011) and The Jungle (2012).

This year’s story title is “The Tale of Two Tribes”. Allora -princess of the Akhmou tribe has been given a royal challenge to retrieve the legedary Kaspar stone from the Kasavta tribe. In her mission, she meets Mateo – the crown prince of Kasavta who happens to be other than the typical prince type. Mateo introduces Kasavta to Allora in a very special way that brings Allora to a very difficult dillema.

Find out more about Allora’s story!

Ticket Price: Platinum Rp 300.000 | Gold Rp 250.000 | Silver Rp 200.000 | Bronze Rp 150.000 | Balcony Rp 85.000

CP: Inaz 0818 909 296

Info: @skylitemusicals

Date/Time :
September 6, 2013
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Location : Nusa Indah Theater, Balai Kartini

Website :

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