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‘Man of Steel’ Gets Its Own Car and You Can Own It (But Would You Want To?)

‘Man of Steel‘ looks like it will be a great movie. This ‘Man of Steel’ car? Mmm, not so much. At the 2013 Chicago Auto Show, Kia Motors revealed the latest car in their ‘Justice League‘ themed lineup. So would Superman actually be caught dead driving this thing? Check out more photos (plus shots of all the other cars in the series) below.


The new Superman car is a one-off Kia Optima Hybrid that a press release describes thusly:

The Optima has been widened with custom fenders, giving the vehicle a muscular appearance, and it features an adjustable suspension system that can raise and lower the vehicle with the push of a button. The stylized color scheme on the hood spotlights Superman’s unmistakable chest emblem while an eye-catching red paint design extends to the trunk, evoking the look of his crimson cape. The beveled front grille resembles Superman’s belt, and the red headlights glow with the same intensity of his heat vision.

The interior of the Optima Hybrid is upholstered with custom materials chosen for their unique appearance and texture to reflect Superman’s impenetrable battle armor. And Superman’s iconic “S” shield is integrated into the seats and steering wheel to give it the right heroic touch.

Other cars that have been revealed in the series include the Batman Kia Optima, the Green Lantern Kia Soul and the Flash Kia Forte Koup (still to come are Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and Justice League cars).

While we’re struggling to find the audience for a car like this (Shaq, maybe?), it is for a good cause. The Kia and DC Comics partnership is designed to raise awareness for We Can Be Heroes, a charitable organization working to end drought and famine in the Horn of Africa

Check out more photos of the ‘Man of Steel’ car (and the other “Justice League” Kia’s) below.










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