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Jember Fashion Carnaval 2013

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The spectacular Jember Fashion Carnaval (JFC) 2013 will again take center stage this year when it will be rolled out on 23 – 25 August in the town of Jember in East Java.

Having started as a local event, in 2003 fashion designer Dynand Fariz recreated the fashion show into a Carnaval, at first to celebrate the anniversary of the town of Jember. Since then, the JFC has grown into one of Indonesia’s largest and most prestigious Carnavals.

With its main orientation to global fashion trends wrapped in Indonesian cultural heritage, the Carnaval has increased its success year by year, receiving rising media coverage from Indonesian television and press as well as the overseas press. The carnaval is now rated fourth in the world after Mardi Gras in New Orleans, USA, the Rio De Janeiro Carnaval in Brazil, and Fastnacht in Koeln Germany.

Jember Fashion Carnaval has made the city’s main roads into a runway of 3.6 kilometers in total length, the longest in the world, where will be displayed an array of spectacular costumes that have their roots in the many cultures of the Indonesian archipelago.

Theme of this year’s Jember Fashion Carnaval is: “ArTechsion”, to be divided into 10 sub themes, namely :Tribe, Tibet, Betawi, Octopus, Bamboo, Art Deco, Canvas, Beetle, Spider, and Venice. Preparations for this spectacular event have taken one whole year. Participants come from a wide variety of circles and age groups from throughout Indonesia, mostly comprising artists, designers, fashionistas, fashion media, models to students.

Using the concept of the Four E’s, namely Education, Entertaiment, Exhibition and Economic Benefit, JFC will feature 650 participants who will walk along the 3.6 km. runway from Central Park to the Jember Sports Hall. All participants will have to design, create and display their own creations including their make up and hairstyles. For this reason, all participants are given free inhouse training in fashion design, fashion runway, dance, presentership, singing, makeup, and hair style.

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On D-day, participants will be placed in the category chosen. This year the Carnaval will also feature an Opening Parade with Live Performing Art and JFC Marching Bands. There will also be an Archipelago parade displaying regional costumes, among others from Java, Bali, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and others .

In addition to the prescribed sub-themes, participants are also allowed to create their own imaginative costumes, whether they are sourced from another country or community, taken from a film, an event, cartoon characters or others. All costumes featured at JFC will be included in the competition to win the JFC Award, the Special Award, Best Performance, Best Costume, Unique Costume, dan Other Costumes categories.

This year’s Jember Fashion Carnaval will certainly attarct large crowds that will throng both sides of Jember’s main roads that will be transformed into the world’s longest catwalk for the occations. Also present will be international media and photographers to record the beauty and uniqueness of the spectacular Jember Fashion Carnaval 2013.

We urge those wishing to see this unique Fashion Carnaval to book your flight and accommodation early, since the town is expected to be fully booked during thhis period.

For detailed information please log on to: . www.jemberfashioncarnaval.com

Photo courtesy : www.jemberfashioncarnaval.com

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