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Seeing Through Paper


Seeing Through Paper – An Exhibition by Jazz Pasay

These days, music performances, home interiors, graphics, and even movies have always involved the art world. Without a doubt, fashion and art have been increasingly go hand in hand as well. This collaboration can be seen in various events both local and internationally, which covers many artists from different backgrounds.


Jazz Pasay has been very close to both worlds, in which he has continously exploring. This exhibition highlights the use of paper as a medium, utilizing the combination of fancy paper and recycled / reused paper. This medium was chosen by the artist as his daily activities deal with the use of paper – sketching, design drawings, pattern drawings and packaging. The produced artworks not only they are uniquely artistic but they are also functional. Through his exploration he faced various challenges in working with paper as a medium, however, his conviction and intention to introduce paper’s other function(s) have helped him to overcome these difficulties. Jazz Pasay has succeded in creating the artworks with outstanding craftsmanship, highlighted by the play of colors and ornaments.


It is hoped that this exhibition will encourage many of us to appreciate more about the use of paper, not only in a traditional way but innovatively. Through art, paper can be explored further unconventionally which brings its own commercial value.

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