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Girl with IQ of 161: ‘Genius’ teen girl has IQ higher than Bill Gates, Einstein










A girl with an IQ of 161 is giving Bill Gates and Albert Einstein a run for their money. The Telegraph UK reported this Tuesday, Feb. 12, that Lauren Marbe, a 16-year-old girl from Essex, amazed her teachers this week after scoring an incredibly high 161 on the Mensa brain test. Marbe only took the test after thinking it would be “fun” with her friends in school, not knowing it would make rank her as a borderline genius.

The teen is quite typical, too: she reportedly loves getting dressed up to go out with her friends, enjoys fake tanning, and can’t wait to watch her favorite reality TV shows when she finds the time. Yet her incredible score on the Mensa brain test with an IQ score of 161 — putting her a full point over geniuses like Bill Gates and Albert Einstein — demonstrates a very bright future ahead of her.

Lauren Marbe is currently enrolled in the exclusive Mensa society, ranking her in the top one percent of the smartest — officially “cleverest” — people in the whole world.

The phrase, “Girl with IQ of 161” recently topped the number one searches on Bing and Yahoo this week, showing that smarts is still something that has people all around the globe talking.

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