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Fashion Fighting Famine, a Muslim Fashion Celebration in the US

Let’s travel a world apart to see how Muslim fashion is being promoted in the United States. Fashion Fighting Famine (FFF) has established itself as the primary source for Muslim fashion design in the United States, bringing in the latest trends and rising Muslim designers from across the globe.

Since 2007, FFF has hosted an annual charity fashion show drawing hundreds of women across Southern California and guests from all over the nation. Fashion Fighting Famine was organized by a group of young Muslim women based in Irvine, California, inspired to support charity in a unique way by hosting an event featuring the works and performances of talented community members.

The 6th Annual Fashion Show was held on March 31, 2013 at Irvine, California featuring more than 9 designers from US, London, Paris and Australia such as Rayan, Madame BK, Inayah, Hijab House, Nisaa Boutique, SixteenR and AbayaAddict.

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Unlike what we are experiencing here, in the country with the highest population of Muslims in the world, Muslimah in the US do not have the luxury of wearing hijab and having a perfectly supporting society. Wearing hijab is still often a struggle, although nowadays many of their experiences are generally positive. And more, from what I comprehend, it costs a fortune to have a piece of these designer collections, and Muslim fashion is not yet an accessible industry there.

And what we can see here, Muslim designers are usually approaching the modest clothing, a more covered clothing without hijab nor headscarves to embrace those who prefer so.

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Well, what do you think? We should be prouder of what our Muslim fashion industry has come so far, to have such easy access and plenty choices of affordable, and way more fashionable Muslim clothing. I think you’ll be agree with me on this. :) After all, two thumbs up for those sisters who persevere in promoting Muslim fashion in the US and the world over, not to mention all of those for good causes.

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