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DIA.LO.GUE. Present INCH Furniture

Exhibition Period

07 – 27.03.2013



INCH is translated as IN = Indonesia and CH = Switzerland; it is a brand for an exquisite furniture products by two swiss designers. At INCH furniture, it is not only the finished product that interests them. The social and ecological circumstances from the wood supply up to the production are an important part of the creation of their furniture. In Indonesia, INCH collaborates with the carpentry workshop cum vocational school PIKA in Semarang. PIKA produces INCH furnitures, in return, INCH organizes workshops and seminars there. Ecology is a central concern of theirs, that’s why they use wood from sustainable cultivation only.



by Thomas Wüthrich

& Singgih Kartono,

moderator Danny Wicaksono

Thursday, 07.03.2013 at 4 pm



by Yuni Jie, interior designer

Thursday, 07.03.2013 at 7.30 pm



Kemang Selatan 99A, Jakarta 12730


021 7199671



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