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Esplanade Presents Mosaic Music Festival 2013, Singapore

Experience A World of Music over 10 days of non-stop concerts from music-makers around the globe. Mosaic Music Festival brings the world to you with a dizzying line-up showcasing a variety of music genres and cultures, presenting both premiering Singapore debuts and returning favourites.

Welcome standard-bearing musical representatives of nuevo tango, straight-up jazz, fusion-funk, alternative rock, ska, R&B, folk-rock, afro-pop, electronica and other genres unleashing a maelstrom of sublime sounds ranging from the brutal to the beautiful, the seductive to the cerebral, and the face-melting to the feather-light.

Take in the sonic cornucopia on offer in the Esplanade’s atmospheric performing spaces—the heart-rousing acoustic arena that is the Concert Hall; the up-close and live Mosaic Club; and the charming and intimate Mosaic Studio. Not forgetting the chilled-out stage at the Concourse, the dazzling Outdoor Theatre on the waterfront, and the introspective In The House get-together space in library@esplanade.

Mosaic Music Festival 2013. A World of Music right on our shores.



Esplanade Concert Hall

Esplanade’s crown jewel seats 1,614 with another 197 seats in the gallery. The hall, boasts superb acoustics and is one of only five such halls in the world with similar state-of-the-art acoustic features. These include reverberation chambers and an acoustic canopy which adapts the hall for different musical performances, producing optimum sound at every concert.


Mosaic Studio @ Esplanade Recital Studio

The fan-shaped Recital Studio is the ideal setting for performances from chamber music and solo recitals, cabarets and jazz concerts. In addition to its timber flooring, the studio’s wall and ceiling finishes are specially designed to ensure superb acoustics.


Mosaic Club @ Esplanade Theatre Studio

The Theatre Studio is an intimate setting for experimental theatre and dance presentations. The performance space is highly flexible, offering various configurations with retractable seating, and can take up to 220 people. Equipped with highly adaptable staging, lighting and sound systems, it is able to accommodate different staging demands. The studio is also similar in size to the Theatre’s main stage, allowing full rehearsal opportunities for major productions.


Mosaic Music Station

Fronting the 300m long waterfront along Marina Bay, the outdoor theatre can seat 450 people and take up to 600 standing. The space hosts a range of performances from music to dance and theatre which can all be enjoyed under the starlit sky.


Living Room @ Esplanade Concourse

A popular meeting point for visitors, the concourse will be transformed into an intimate and cosy setting for all music lovers. Surprise yourself with new musical experiences by young musicians at Esplanade Concourse whenever you visit!


Jendela – The Visual Arts Space

Jendela (Malay for “window”) is Esplanade’s 216 sq m dedicated visual arts gallery offering views of Marina Bay. View colourful exhibits that demonstrate the process of making art – whether music or theatre or visual – in support of the rest of Mosaic Music Festival.


In The House

Located on the third floor of Esplanade Mall, the Cafereatt is a chic place to hang out for great coffee and local food delights. Catch monthly showcases of artistic talent and regular open mic and jam sessions featuring promising musicians and singers.


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